Entry form

The entry form provides details about the exhibitor and their exhibit.  People planning to exhibit at NZ2023 should check the Exhibit application form.

The NZ2023 organising committee has tried to make this form easy to understand.  Some explanatory notes are provided below but if you have difficulty understanding any item in the first instance please contact your Commissioner.

Explanatory notes

Pseudonym – see IREX Article 5.5.

Description of exhibit
The description, in English, provides useful information for the jury but more particularly the visitors to the exhibition. It should provide a clear and concise idea of what you are exhibiting. The description will be published in the NZ2023 Exhibition Catalogue where it will guide visitors to those exhibits they particularly want to see and will provide a record for later review.

Exhibit class including subclass – see IREX Article 7.

Sheet sizes – see IREX Article 8.1.
The ‘maximum’ standard sheet size is 23 cm wide by 29 cm high. However, some scope is possible to vary these dimensions.

  • Where a page exceeds 29 cm in height parts of any page above may be obscured or, if mounted in the top row of a frame, closing of the frame door may bend the top of the page and any material displayed there. The organising committee will take no responsibility for any exhibit damaged or partially obscured as a result.
  • Where a pages or pages exceed 23 cm wide, please indicate this clearly in the mounting plan. The total width of pages in any row should not exceed 92 cm. Every effort will be made to avoid overlapping pages in a row which exceeds the total width of 92 cm but the organising committee cannot guarantee overlapping will not occur.


For all classes each exhibit will be required to have an inventory list