The results were announced at the awards dinner on 6 May.
A printable copy of the Awards List where the exhibits are shown by Class and by the Country/Region of the exhibitor can be found as a PDF file at Awards List 10 May

Grand Prix International Michael Ho “King Willem III Netherlands East Indies Postal Stationery 1874-1904”

Grand Prix National Paul Wreglesworth “New Zealand -The Second Sideface Issue (1882-1900)”

Family nameGiven nameState/CountryClassExhibit titleMarksAward
ClarkBillAustraliaTraditional [2A]Emblems Issue of Victoria 1857 to 1863 94G
LowerHarryAustraliaTraditional [2A]South Australia's Small De La Rue Stamps Issued in the Colonial Era 91G
SavinsLionelAustraliaTraditional [2A]The 1935 Pictorial Definitive Stamps of N.Z. 87LV
BeachTimNew ZealandTraditional [2A]New Zealand 1960 Pictorials 80V
CapillColinNew ZealandTraditional [2A]New Zealand Meter Franks - 1904 to 195082V
FenwickNeilNew ZealandTraditional [2A]New Zealand First Pictorial Issue of 189885LV
LyonRobertNew ZealandTraditional [2A]An Advertiser's Dream. The New Zealand 1893 "Adsons" Scheme 78LS
McTaggartPaulNew ZealandTraditional [2A]New Zealand 1946 Peace Issue 86LV
MollerKlausNew ZealandTraditional [2A]The New Zealand Chalon Issues: 1855-187391G
SimpsonJefferyNew ZealandTraditional [2A]The New Zealand Magpie Moth 1970-197382V
WillocksMurrayNew ZealandTraditional [2A]The Design and Production of the 1960 Pictorial Issue of New Zealand 87LV
WreglesworthPaulNew ZealandTraditional [2A]New Zealand - The Second Sideface Issue (1882-1900) 96LG+GPN
ShenDunwuChinaTraditional [2B]Dr Sun Yat-Sen Issue of Paicheng Print (1942-1946) 90G
HoMichaelChinese Taipei Traditional [2B]Dutch East Indies Queen Wilhelmina Kreisler Series 1933 - 1938 93G
HoShau KwunHong KongTraditional [2B]Hong Kong Definitive Stamp, Queen Elizabeth II Fourth Issue (1982 - 87) "The Lion & Dragon" 86LV+SP
BiswalMeeraIndiaTraditional [2B]Pre Independence India Postage Stamps 76LS
RaghavenAkshayaIndiaTraditional [2B]British India 1902-194780V
RamachandranMahalinghamIndiaTraditional [2B]Kingdom of Cochin80V
RamachandranMaheswariIndiaTraditional [2B]On Cochin Government Service 80V
RathShanti SwarupIndiaTraditional [2B]French Indian Settlements 80V
ZameerGhouse AliIndiaTraditional [2B]French India81V
SudaniNobuhiroJapanTraditional [2B]Japan Definitives Vocational Series 95LG
KwanKai KaiMacauTraditional [2B]D. LUIS I Issue of Macau92G
GongNgie HeeMalaysiaTraditional [2B]Straits Settlements 1902 - 1941: The Three Kings 83V
KhwajaKhalid SultanPakistanTraditional [2B]Kuwait (1929 - 1956)80V
NanjeeIqbal HussainPakistanTraditional [2B]Lasbela 85LV+SP
Al-IsmailHussainQatarTraditional [2B]First Definitive Issue of Qatar 90G+SP
SirisukPhaopakThailandTraditional [2B]Siam: King Chulalongkorn the Second Issue and its Surcharges 1887 - 1909 94G+SP
UtensuteUkrisThailandTraditional [2B]Thailand: King Bhumibol's 3rd Definitive Issue 83V
WongjantipKhwanchatThailandTraditional [2B]Siam: King Rama VIII (1935 - 1946) 90G
Al-KuwaitiMohammedUnited Arab Emirates Traditional [2B]Kuwait Overprinted Stamps 1923-1958 80V
Al SerkalAhmad Bin Eisa United Arab Emirates Traditional [2B]Abu Dhabi Stamps 1963 - 1973 90G
Al SerkalNasser BinUnited Arab Emirates Traditional [2B]Dubai Stamps 1948 - 1973 82V
NanjeeAdnan HussainPakistanTraditional [2B]East Pakistan (Bangladesh) 80V
BeechColin AlexanderAustraliaTraditional [2C]U.S. Special Delivery Stamp Issue 1885 - 1951 and their Usage 90G
CapillPatriciaNew ZealandTraditional [2C]Barbados - The George V Line Engraved Definitive Issues 91G+SP
SorourVicSouth AfricaTraditional [2C]South Africa, Protea Definitive Series 82V
Van Der MerweJoofSouth AfricaTraditional [2C]The Plating of the Third Definitive Series, 1977, Proteas, of the Republic of South Africa 83V
ComrieMonicaNew ZealandPostal History 3A [a]Civil Censorship Process Australia WWII 87LV+Fel
SchluterTonyNew ZealandPostal History 3A [a]New Zealand Overseas Mail Routes and Rates Pre 1874 86LV
ScottBarryNew ZealandPostal History 3A [a]New Zealand WWI War Tax Surcharge, 1915-1920 82V
.Postal History 3A [a]0C of P
CheungAlbertAustraliaPostal History 3B [a]Postal Routes for International Mail of China During the Sino-Japanese War of 1937-1945 87LV+SP
TangQiutaoChinaPostal History 3B [a]Early RMB Postage of Domestic Letter from 1949 to 1951 83V
LuDavidChinaPostal History 3B [a]The International Postal Route of China (1914-1945) 86LV
DuanHuiChinaPostal History 3B [a]China Airmail Postage Under the Golden Yuan Standard from November 1948 to April 1949 81V
ZhaoYueChinaPostal History 3B [a]Postal History of Sinkiang, China (1883-1950) 93G+SP
XiaoHongChinaPostal History 3B [a]China's Postal Service Under the Influence of World War I (1914-1922) 88LV
LiXiangrongChinaPostal History 3B [a]Registered Mail of Chinese Postal Service (1912-1949) 82V
ChiuShih-HsingChinese Taipei Postal History 3B [a]The Chinese Military Postal History During Second Sino-Japanese War 76LS
ChungI-ChuanChinese Taipei Postal History 3B [a]The Military Post History of Sino-Japanese War 1937-1945 87LV+SP
MahSiriphatChinese Taipei Postal History 3B [a]The Postal History of Yunnan 1912-1949 82V
AuFrancisHong KongPostal History 3B [a]Early Maritime Mail of China 95LG
ChanCharlesHong KongPostal History 3B [a]Treaty Ports Cancellations of Br.P.O. in China & Japan on Hong Kong Stamps 1862-1930 88LV+SP
GogriKapilIndiaPostal History 3B [a]Postal History of Indore State 1873-1950 80V
GuptaParvesh KumarIndiaPostal History 3B [a]Delhi - 1911 The Emperor's Durbar 75LS
KasaravalliAnanyaIndiaPostal History 3B [a]Coronation Durbars of British India 88LV
KediaOM PrakashIndiaPostal History 3B [a]Postmarks and Cancellations of Gwalior State (including Sun & Snakes) up to 1950 77LS
KhaitanPiyushIndiaPostal History 3B [a]Auxiliary Airmail Markings - India 76LS
MurjaniSandeepIndiaPostal History 3B [a]Postal History of Jaipur 1860-1950 75LS
RohatgiGautamIndiaPostal History 3B [a]India's First War of Independence 1857-59 83V
SanthoshM SIndiaPostal History 3B [a]Brahmini Dawk 85LV
SanthoshM SIndiaPostal History 3B [a]Handstruck Postage Stamps of India 85LV
EnosawaYuichi JapanPostal History 3B [a]Postal Activities of I.E.F. in Middle East and Related Area during WWI and Post-War Processing 88LV+SP
KimYoung KilKoreaPostal History 3B [a]Postal History of Great Josun and Imperial Daehan 1884-1905 92G
ShongIlhoKoreaPostal History 3B [a]The Diversity of Mukungwha Date Stamps in Korea: 1956-1961 75LS
KuoChee YoongMalaysiaPostal History 3B [a]Johor, Malaysia: The Development of Post Offices During the Reign of Sultan Ibrahim 85LV
WangWilliamMalaysiaPostal History 3B [a]The Postal History of Labuan and North Borneo Before and Under the Chartered Company Rule 95LG
NanjeeAli RazaPakistanPostal History 3B [a]Mutasarrifate of Jerusalem (Palestine) 73S
Al-IsmailAli QatarPostal History 3B [a]Kuwait Postal History 81V
Wahab HussainMardyyaQatarPostal History 3B [a]Bahrain Postal History 85LV
OngVincentSingaporePostal History 3B [a]Development of Mail in the Cocos Islands 1903-1955 93G+SP
Karnasuta Charnchai ThailandPostal History 3B [a]Pan American Airways Trans-Pacific Service Airmail Rates from Thailand (1937-1941) 91G
Karnasuta Charnchai ThailandPostal History 3B [a]Siamese Post Offices During the WW2 Era (1939-1946) 87LV
Ahmad Ali Ali Abdulrahman United Arab Emirates Postal History 3B [a]Dubai Postmark on IRC 1966-1977 75LS
Al Serkal Ahmad Bin Eisa United Arab Emirates Postal History 3B [a]A Postal History Study of Airmail from Iraq 1919-1945 92G
Al Kahtani Mubarak United Arab Emirates Postal History 3B [a]Jeddah Postal History 1916-1966 85LV
Johansen Thomas United Arab Emirates Postal History 3B [a]Muscat 1864 to 1948: The Development of the Indian Post Office in Eastern Arabia 95LG
KhooryAbdulla United Arab Emirates Postal History 3B [a]Dubai Postal History 1909-1948 92G
Al Serkal Nasser Bin United Arab Emirates Postal History 3B [a]Sharjah Postal History 1932-1973 85LV
Al-IsmailHussainQatarPostal History 3B [a]The Postal Services in Qatar 1930s-1963 - Sheikdom to State 76LS
LiHongChinaPostal History 3C [a]Pre-Stamp Period of Ecuador 90G
Al HadethiHassanIraqPostal History 3C [a]Italian Army Mail in Libya (1911-1922) 86LV
ItoFumihisaJapanPostal History 3C [a]Austrian Inflation 1921-1925 81V
SwanljungHarryNew ZealandPostal History 3C [a]Development of Postal Services in the Northern and Eastern Divisions of Fiji ca 1900 to 1960s 80V
TreadwellMartin New ZealandPostal History 3C [a]The Postal History of the United States Military in the New Hebrides during WW2 85LV
WisbeyRaymond New ZealandPostal History 3C [a]Great Britain - Development of the London Postal Service Until 1840 88LV+SP
Amoore Hugh Theodore South AfricaPostal History 3C [a]South Africa Postal Rates and Charges in the Period of Union: 31 May 1910 - 30 May 1961 85LV
McLaren Andrew South AfricaPostal History 3C [a]Galloping German Inflation Period, 15th December 1922 to 30th November 1923 73S
NaitoYosukeJapanPostal History 3C [a]Postal History of Transvaal During the Second Boer War 1899-190280V
ToddRaymondAustraliaPostal Stationery The Postal Stationery of Paraguay 1881-1928 90G
Munir M M Salman BangladeshPostal Stationery Postal Stationery of Natal 1885-1912 75LS
Ho Michael Chinese Taipei Postal Stationery King Willem III Netherlands East Indies Postal Stationery 1874-1904 96LG+GPI
Huang Chen-Huei Chinese Taipei Postal Stationery Postal Stationery of German Post Office in China 90G
Liu Li-Chi Chinese Taipei Postal Stationery Chinese Taipei: Domestic Postal Stamped Envelopes of 2012-2016 78LS
Biswal Avipsa IndiaPostal Stationery Postal Stationery of "Gwalior State" (Twin Cobra Overprint & Snake Cancellations) 71S
JhinganMadhukar IndiaPostal Stationery The Registered Envelopes of India 1950-2010 85LV
Shet Prashanth IndiaPostal Stationery Indian Aerogrammes 1948-2010 75LS
Bang Sun Ho KoreaPostal Stationery Letter Sheets of Korea: 1952-2007 70S
Huo Hui Xiao MacauPostal Stationery Macau Postal Cards of Kings (1886-1920) 86LV
Tulsyan Rishi Kumar NepalPostal Stationery The Postal Stationery of Nepal (1887-1959) 92G+SP
Kodwavwala Muhammad PakistanPostal Stationery Postal Stationery of Pakistan 1947-1957 (Dominion to Islamic Republic of Pakistan) 77LS
Seow Shin Horng SingaporePostal Stationery Postal Stationery of the Federation of Malaya 1948-1957 86LV
Toe Kyaw Kyar SingaporePostal Stationery British Burma Postal Stationeries 1857-1937 85LV
Rupesinghe Harsha Feriz Sri LankaPostal Stationery The Internal-Rate Post Card of Ceylon 1872-1948 80V
Collyer David AustraliaAerophilately Imperial Connections 1925-1939 - The Story of Scheduled Services - Australia's Air Connection with the World 92G+Fel
Lewis Geoffrey AustraliaAerophilately Philippines International Airmails up to 1941 87LV
Kei Kok Ying Hong KongAerophilately The International Airmails of PRC (1949-1956 )93G+Fel+SP
Murjani Sandeep IndiaAerophilately Air India, from Roots to Routes 71S
Talwar Ashish IndiaAerophilately Unites States Air Force in India during World War II: Mail Operations and Airdropped Psychological Warfare 67SB
Fu Sio MacauAerophilately Macau International Airmail 1926-1974 77LS
Duns Robert New ZealandAerophilately Airmail to New Zealand on the Imperial Airways Routes 1924-1945, and Alternative Services via USA 1940-1945 81V
Ratnapala Ravindra Sri LankaAerophilately Ceylon-England Air Mail 1929-1948. Routes and Rates 81V
RanasariaSunil M IndiaAerophilately British-India Airmails (1911-1938) 92G
Newton Ross AustraliaAstrophilately One Small Step For Man 80V
Jhingan Savita IndiaAstrophilately From India to Space 80V+SP
Bajaj Saket IndiaThematic [A]The World of Flowers 85LV
Putranto Tono Dwi IndonesiaThematic [A]Journey of an Old King from Serengeti 95LG
Tulsyan Rajvir NepalThematic [A]Himalayan Expedition 1924-1978 70S
PrasetyouriniiNunuk SriIndonesiaThematic [A]Orchid - The Queen of Flower85LV
Li Shaoke ChinaThematic [B]Road: Ancient, Present and Future 87LV
Lin Wenlong ChinaThematic [B]Black and White - the Newspaper and Its Story 87LV
Kei Kok Ying Hong KongThematic [B]Shooting (From Hunting to Competitive Games) 83V
Madiraju Lokeswara Rao IndiaThematic [B]Buddhism 71S
Mutha Meena IndiaThematic [B]Mental Health 70S
Jung Soon Jong KoreaThematic [B]Horses with Human Civilization 85LV
Shrestha Binod NepalThematic [B]The Buddha - Genius of the Ancient World 82V
Kong Dongming ChinaThematic [C]An Electrifying Account of Electricity - The Exploration, Production and Application of Electricity by Man 93G+SP
Shet Radhika IndiaThematic [C]World of Railways 68SB
Sridhar K IndiaThematic [C]Candle on the Water 68SB
Enosawa Yuichi JapanThematic [C]Following the Tracks on City Roads … Tram 93G
Culshaw Ian AustraliaRevenueThe Fiscal Stamps of Western Australia 1881-1974 88LV
DiBiaseJohn Francis AustraliaRevenueThe Fiscal Stamps of Western Australia 1888-196690G
Shaw Jim AustraliaRevenueNew Zealand Wage Tax Evolution 1931-1958 82V
Wang DaoqiChinaRevenueThe Republic of China Tobacco & Alcohol Revenue Stamps (1914-1948) 88LV
Biswal Bijoy Kumar IndiaRevenueBharatpur State Court Fee and Revenue Stamps 75LS
Suri Angeet IndiaRevenueFiscals of Jodhpur 90G
Pradhan Shyam NepalRevenueNepal Revenues 1743-1943 87LV+SP
Woods Paul New ZealandRevenueNew Zealand Queen Victoria Duty Stamps 1880 to 1931 90G
Wright Warrick New ZealandRevenueRevenue Gathering Stamps of New Zealand 84V
Manjure Ashwini IndiaOpen Philately The Beauty of Dots, Dashes and Lines as Captured by Master Engraver Czeslaw Slania 77LS
Wadhwa Capt. Vijay IndiaOpen Philately The Coin Atlas 73S
Lee Young Soo KoreaOpen Philately The Stories of Sculptors and Sculptures 68SB
Brownie Louise New ZealandOpen Philately The Kauri Tree 86LV
Brownsey Patrick New ZealandOpen Philately The Fern - From Cosmopolitan Plant to New Zealand Icon 91G+SP
Christensen Michael New ZealandOpen Philately Tin Can Mail Island 83V
Paston John New ZealandOpen Philately The Suez Canal 85LV
Manzar Saeed Saba PakistanYouth 11AKLM Special and Direct Flights 78LS
Kim So Yeon KoreaYouth 11AUS Army Military Government Definitive Stamps 1945-1948 83V
Weerasinghe Pasindu Sakuntha Sri LankaYouth 11BExploration of Space 66SB
Tulsyan Kavya NepalYouth 11BPostal Stationery of Nepal 80V
Shrestha Reshu NepalYouth 11BModern Varieties of Nepal 66SB
Chen Hank Chinese Taipei Youth 11CLighthouse Postage Stamps 88LV+SP
Kedia Aadit IndiaYouth 11ASeashells - The Beauty of Ocean 70S
Gunaratne Dulanya Sri LankaYouth 11AVisit Sri Lanka 60B
Zaman Tahiya Mehrima BangladeshYouth 11AWildlife of Bangladesh 72S
Chan Ka Wai Hong KongYouth 11AThe Secrets of the World 64B
Chan Wing Yi Hong KongYouth 11AWalking Through the History of Fashion: How Does Clothing Change Over Time? 63B
Cheung Tsz Sum Hong KongYouth 11AThe Unique Building 64B
Yuen Tsz Ching Hong KongYouth 11AThe Age of Machinery 70S
Rowe Emma New ZealandYouth 11ADessert - A History of Temptation 83V
Rowe Samantha New ZealandYouth 11AChildren's Literature - A History 85LV
Rungruangsatian Phimchanok ThailandYouth 11AStory of Olympic Games 86LV
Jayathilake Archana Hansaja Sri LankaYouth 11BThe Indelible Footprints of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on the British Monarchy 60B
Li Wing Ki Hong KongYouth 11BIn Pursuit of Freedom 76LS
Mak Hau Tung Hong KongYouth 11BThe Story of Light 77LS
Shet Apeksha IndiaYouth 11BJewels and Jewellery 76LS
Sinha Ayushman IndiaYouth 11BMy Favourite Bird: Kingfisher 83V
Brown Timothy William New ZealandYouth 11CSure and Steadfast: The Story of the Boys' Brigade 86LV
Hong JYSingaporeYouth 11CMy Holiday in Singapore 60B
Gunaratne Apurwa Mandasmi Sri LankaYouth 11CRhythm of Sports World 66SB
Beston Bernard AustraliaOne Frame [A]9d Commonwealth Stamp of Queensland and NSW 83
Beston Bernard AustraliaOne Frame [A]Quayle & Son, Engravers and Printers, Albany NY. USA - Ecuador 1936-1937 Stamp Issues 86
Shaw Jim AustraliaOne Frame [A]Victoria - ½ "Bantam" Stamps and Usages 1874-1912 78
Xavier Paul Anthony AustraliaOne Frame [A]Fiji - King George VI - Omnibus Commemoratives 86
Haque Farzana BangladeshOne Frame [A]Health Issues of New Zealand Post 1929-1966 67
Munir M M Salman BangladeshOne Frame [A]Australian Pre Decimal Stamps Commemorative 1927-1965 69
Wong Siu Po Hong KongOne Frame [A]Liberated Area Issues of Anhui Province 90
Chio Hong Chi MacauOne Frame [A]Study of Stamp Flaws and Errors from the Founding Period of the Republic (1912-1914) 83
Clark Murray New ZealandOne Frame [A]The Threepence Second Side Face of New Zealand 84
Watson Alastair New ZealandOne Frame [A]Penny-Halfpeny Black, King George V New Zealand 1916 - Bock's First Die: Provisional Stamp 88
Khwaja Khalid Sultan PakistanOne Frame [A]Latvia 1918-1929 73
Tan Andrew SingaporeOne Frame [A]Commercial Uses of the Australian Pound-denominated Postage Stamps (sorry - not on parcel tags!) 86
Cronje Neil South AfricaOne Frame [A]Postage Due Stamps of the Transvaal 86
Strydom Danna South AfricaOne Frame [A]The V.R.I. Overprints on Transvaal Postage Stamps 88
Panomrerngsak Thawida ThailandOne Frame [A]H.M. King Bhumibol 10th Definitive Series 500 Baht Denomination 87
Liu Shumo ChinaOne Frame [B]From Yunnan to Assam - APO of Allied Airport on Hump Route 78
Cheung Andrew Hong KongOne Frame [B]Sorting of Mail Onboard P&O Mail Boat in the Far East 90
Carswell Lindsay New ZealandOne Frame [B]The Early Post Offices of Lyttelton Harbour 1849-1884 83
Erasmus Louwrence South AfricaOne Frame [B]Sending Money Home - South Africa to Sekakes from January to September 1973 75
Sudani Nobuhiro JapanOne Frame [C]Summer Greeting Postal Cards of Japan: 1950-1951 83
Watson Alastair New ZealandOne Frame [C]King George V 1½d Lettercards - Bock Dies I & II, New Zealand 1916-1920 88Fel
Sen Gupta Sujoy BangladeshOne Frame [F]A Glimpse of Scouting Activities in Bangladesh 74
Benvie Mark New ZealandOne Frame [H]New Zealand Law Courts Revenue Stamps 1876-1882 87
Awan Imtiaz Ahmad PakistanOne Frame [H]State of Travancore 68
Gendek Marilyn AustraliaOne Frame [I]The Scottish Women's Hospital Royaumont 1914-1918 82
Figg David John AustraliaOne Frame [J]Ted Ryko - Adelaide to Darwin by Bicycle 86
Saluja Rajprit Singh IndiaOne Frame [J]Parsis - The Zoroasthrians of India 69
Du Plessis Andre South AfricaOne Frame [J]The Life and Times of Chinese Indentured Workers on the Rand - 1904 to 1910 81
Zia Tanvir Mursheed BangladeshModern [A]Intellectuals Martyrs Postage Stamp Series of Bangladesh 1991-2000 68SB
Zhang Weiwei ChinaModern [A]Stamp Booklets of DPRK 1993-2000 82V
Kim JinSoo KoreaModern [A]The Definitive Postage Stamps Issued During the Basic Rate 330 won Period (Apr 1st 2017 ~Apr 30th 2019) 75LS
De Sousa Jose MacauModern [A]The Bridge of Lotus (1999-2000) 77LS
Chivers Stephen New ZealandModern [A]New Zealand 1985-90 Janet Marshall Designed Endangered Birds 88LV+SP
Dizon Nilo Jr New ZealandModern [A]The Hologram in Philately 82V
Wright Grant New ZealandModern [A]Fundraising CALS for Tarapex Exhibition 2008 76LS
Lakornmoon Nuttapol ThailandModern [A]H.M. King Bhumibol 10th Definitive Series 1 Baht Denomination 81V
Panomrerngsak Thaweesak ThailandModern [A]H.M. King Bhumbol 10th Definitive Issue 85LV
Kim JeongSig KoreaModern [B]A Study on Modern Philately of Korea: Focus on Print, Perforation and Covers 82V
Geng Chunfu ChinaModern [C]The First Set of China Post Regular Stamped Postcard "Marble Boat" 75LS
Kouwen John Michael (Mike) AustraliaPicture Postcards The Aboriginal People of Western Australia 85LV
Asthana Aditya IndiaPicture Postcards Simla - The Summer Capital of British India 82V
Kasaravilli Ananya IndiaPicture Postcards Kashmir Valley: The Paradise on Earth 73S
Mehra Sushil IndiaPicture Postcards Delhi - A Heritage City 71S
Saluja Rajprit Singh IndiaPicture Postcards Brave Sikhs in the Armed Forces 70S
Tyagi Pankaj IndiaPicture Postcards Lucknow Close to My Heart 80V
Basymeleh Said Faisal IndonesiaPicture Postcards The Pulse of Old Soerabaia Life 1898-1938 84V
Rosenfeldt Denise New ZealandPicture Postcards Auckland Domain, New Zealand 87LV+SP
Schwartz Pauline New ZealandPicture Postcards New Zealand: "Central" - Otago's Heart of Gold 78LS
Hsien Yoong How SingaporePicture Postcards Greening Singapore - From Garden City to City in the Garden 70S