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ClassCountryFamily NameGiven namesTitle of ExhibitFr
2A Traditional - Australia & NZAustraliaClarkBillEmblems Issue of Victoria 1857 to 18635
2A Traditional - Australia & NZAustraliaLowerHarrySouth Australia's Small De La Rue Stamps Issued in the Colonial Era8
2A Traditional - Australia & NZAustraliaSavinsLionelThe 1935 Pictorial Definitive Stamps of N.Z.8
2A Traditional - Australia & NZNew ZealandBeachTimNew Zealand 1960 Pictorials8
2A Traditional - Australia & NZNew ZealandCapillColinNew Zealand Meter Franks - 1904 to 19505
2A Traditional - Australia & NZNew ZealandFenwickNeilNew Zealand First Pictorial Issue of 18985
2A Traditional - Australia & NZNew ZealandLyonRobertAn Advertiser's Dream. The New Zealand 1893 "Adsons" Scheme5
2A Traditional - Australia & NZNew ZealandMcTaggartPaulNew Zealand 1946 Peace Issue5
2A Traditional - Australia & NZNew ZealandMollerKlausThe New Zealand Chalon Issues: 1873-18556
2A Traditional - Australia & NZNew ZealandSimpsonJefferyThe New Zealand Magpie Moth 1970-19735
2A Traditional - Australia & NZNew ZealandWillocksMurrayThe Design and Production of the 1960 Pictorial Issue of New Zealand5
2A Traditional - Australia & NZNew ZealandWreglesworthPaulNew Zealand - The Second Sideface Issue (1882 - 1900)8
2B Traditional- AsiaChinaShenDunwuDr Sun Yat-Sen Issue of Paicheng Print (1942-1946)5
2B Traditional- AsiaChinese TaipeiHoMichaelDutch East indies Queen Wilhelmina Kreisler Series 1933 - 19385
2B Traditional- AsiaHong KongHoShau KwunHong Kong Definitive Stamp, Queen Elizabeth II Fourth Issue (1982 - 87) "The Lion & Dragon"5
2B Traditional- AsiaIndiaBiswalMeeraPre Independence India Postage Stamps5
2B Traditional- AsiaIndiaRaghavanAkshayaBritish India 1902 - 19475
2B Traditional- AsiaIndiaRamachandranMahalingamKingdom of Cochin5
2B Traditional- AsiaIndiaRamachandranMaheswariOn Cochin Government Service5
2B Traditional- AsiaIndiaShanti SwarupRathFrench Indian Settlements5
2B Traditional- AsiaIndiaZameerGhouse AliFrench Indian Settlements5
2B Traditional- AsiaIndonesiaRachmantoBudiThe Netherlands Indies Stamps 1902 - 1932, Early Three Queen Wilhelmina5
2B Traditional- AsiaJapanIshizawaTsukasaRyukyus Air Mail Stamps 1950 - 605
2B Traditional- AsiaJapanSudaniNobuhiroJapan Definitives Vocational Series8
2B Traditional- AsiaMacauKwanKai KaiD. LUIS I Issue of Macau8
2B Traditional- AsiaMalaysiaGongNgie HeeStraits Settlements 1902 - 1941: The Three Kings5
2B Traditional- AsiaPakistanKhwajaKhalid SultanKuwait (1929 - 1956)5
2B Traditional- AsiaPakistanNanjeeIqbal HussainLasbela5
2B Traditional- AsiaQatarAl-IsmailHussainFirst Definitive Issue of Qatar5
2B Traditional- AsiaQatarAl-IsmailHussainThe Postal Services in Qatar 1930's - 1963 - Sheikhdom to State5
2B Traditional- AsiaSingaporeChaiOl LianStudy of 1965 Malaysia Birds Definitive Issue5
2B Traditional- AsiaThailandSirisukPhaophakSiam: King Chulalongkorn the Second Issue and its Surcharges 1887 - 19095
2B Traditional- AsiaThailandUtensuteUkrisThailand: King Bhumibol's 3rd definitive issue5
2B Traditional- AsiaThailandWongjantipKhwanchatSiam: King Rama VIII (1935 - 1946)5
2B Traditional- AsiaUAEAl-KuwaitiMohammedKuwait Overprinted Stamps 1923-19585
2B Traditional- AsiaUAEAl SerkalAhmad Bin EisaAbu Dhabi Stamps 1963 - 19738
2B Traditional- AsiaUAEAl SerkalNasser Bin AhmadDubai Stamps 1948 - 19735
2B Traditional- Rest of the WorldAustraliaBeechColin AlexanderU.S. Special Delivery Stamp Issue 1885 - 1951 and their Usage.8
2B Traditional- Rest of the WorldNew ZealandCapillPatriciaBarbados - The George V Line Engraved Definitive Issues8
2B Traditional- Rest of the WorldSouth AfricaSorourVicSouth Africa, Protea Definitive Series5
2B Traditional- Rest of the WorldSouth AfricaVan Der MerweJoofThe Plating of the Third Definitive Series, 1977, Proteas, of the Republic of South Africa5
3A Postal History Australia & NZNew ZealandComrieMonicaCivil Censorship Process Australia WWII8
3A Postal History Australia & NZNew ZealandSchluterTonyNew Zealand Overseas Mail Routes and Rates Pre 18748
3A Postal History Australia & NZNew ZealandScottBarryNew Zealand WWI War Tax Surcharge, 1915 - 19205
3B Postal History - AsiaAustraliaCheungAlbertPostal Routes for International Mail of China During the Sino-Japanese War of 1937 - 19455
3B Postal History - AsiaChinaTangQiutaoEarly RMB Postage of Domestic Letter from 1949 to 19515
3B Postal History - AsiaChinaLuDavidThe International Postal Route of China (1914-1945)8
3B Postal History - AsiaChinaDuanHuiChina Airmail Postage under the Golden Yuan Standard from November 1948 to April 19495
3B Postal History - AsiaChinaZhaoYuePostal History of Sinkiang, CHINA (1883-1950)8
3B Postal History - AsiaChinaXiaoHongChina's Postal Service under the Influence of World War I (1914-1922)5
3B Postal History - AsiaChinaLiXiangrongRegistered Mail of Chinese Postal Service (1912-1949)5
3B Postal History - AsiaChinese TaipeiChiuShih-HsingThe Chinese Military Postal History During Second Sino-Japanese War5
3B Postal History - AsiaChinese TaipeiChungI-ChuanThe Military Post History of Sino-Japanese War 1937 - 19455
3B Postal History - AsiaChinese TaipeiMahSiriphatThe Postal History of Yunnan 1912 - 19495
3B Postal History - AsiaHong KongAuFrancisEarly Maritime Mail of China8
3B Postal History - AsiaHong KongChanCharlesTreaty Ports Cancellations of Br.P.O. in China & Japan on Hong Kong Stamps 1862 - 19308
3B Postal History - AsiaIndiaGogriKapilPostal History of Indore State 1873-19505
3B Postal History - AsiaIndiaGuptaParvesh KumarDelhi - 1911 The Emperor's Durbar5
3B Postal History - AsiaIndiaKasaravalliAnanyaCoronation of Durbar5
3B Postal History - AsiaIndiaKediaOM PrakashPostmarks and Cancellations of Gwalior State (including Sun & Snakes) up to 19505
3B Postal History - AsiaIndiaKhaitanPiyushAuxiliary Airmail Markings - India5
3B Postal History - AsiaIndiaMurjaniSandeepPostal History of Jaipur 1860-19505
3B Postal History - AsiaIndiaRohatgiGautamIndia's First War of independence 1857 - 595
3B Postal History - AsiaIndiaSanthoshM SBrahmini Dawk5
3B Postal History - AsiaIndiaSanthoshM SHandstruck Postage Stamps of India5
3B Postal History - AsiaJapanEnosawaYuichiPostal Activities of I.E.F. in Middle East and related area during WWI and post-war processing5
3B Postal History - AsiaKoreaKimYoung KilPostal History of Great Josun and Imperial Daehan 1884-19058
3B Postal History - AsiaKoreaShongIlhoThe Diversity of Mukungwha Date Stamps in Korea: 1956 - 19615
3B Postal History - AsiaMalaysiaKuoChee YoongJohor, Malaya: The Development of Post Offices During the Reign of Sultan Ibrahim5
3B Postal History - AsiaMalaysiaWangWilliamThe Postal History of Labuan and North Borneo Before and under the Chartered Company Rule8
3B Postal History - AsiaPakistanNanjeeAli RazaMutasarrifate of Jerusalem (Palestine)5
3B Postal History - AsiaQatarAl-IsmailAliKuwait Postal History8
3B Postal History - AsiaQatarWahab HussainMardyyaBahrain Postal History8
3B Postal History - AsiaSingaporeOngVincentDevelopment of mail in the Cocos Islands 1903 - 19556
3B Postal History - AsiaThailandKarnasutaCharnchaiPan American Airways Trans-Pacific Service Airmail rates from Thailand (1937 - 1941)8
3B Postal History - AsiaThailandKarnasutaCharnchaiSiamese Post Offices During the WW2 era (1939 - 1946)5
3B Postal History - AsiaUAEAhmad AliAli AbdulrahmanDubai Postmark on IRC 1966 - 19775
3B Postal History - AsiaUAEAl SerkalAhmad Bin EisaA Postal History Study of Airmail from Iraq 1919 - 19458
3B Postal History - AsiaUAEAl KahtaniMubarakJeddah Postal History 1916-19668
3B Postal History - AsiaUAEJohansenThomasMuscat 1864 to 1948: The Development of the Indian Post Office in Eastern Arabia8
3B Postal History - AsiaUAEKhooryAbdullaDubai Postal History 1909 - 19488
3B Postal History - AsiaUAEAl SerkalNasser Bin AhmadSharjah Postal History 1932 - 19738
3C Postal History - Rest of the WorldChinaLiHongPre-Stamp Period of Ecuador8
3C Postal History - Rest of the WorldIraqAl HadethiHassanItalian Army Mail in Libya (1911 – 1922)5
3C Postal History - Rest of the WorldJapanItoFumihisaAustrian Inflation 1921 - 19255
3C Postal History - Rest of the WorldNew ZealandSwanljungHarryDevelopment of Postal Services in the Northern and Eastern Divisions of Fiji ca 1900 to 1960s5
3C Postal History - Rest of the WorldNew ZealandTreadwellMartinThe Postal History of the United States Military in the New Hebrides during WW25
3C Postal History - Rest of the WorldNew ZealandWisbeyRaymondGreat Britain - Development of the London Postal Service Until 18408
3C Postal History - Rest of the WorldPakistanAwanImtiaz AhmadFrench Pictorial Cancellations5
3C Postal History - Rest of the WorldSouth AfricaAmooreHugh TheodoreSouth Africa Postal Rates and Charges in the Period of Union: 31 May 1910 - 30 May 19618
3C Postal History - Rest of the WorldSouth AfricaMcLarenAndrewGalloping German Inflation Period, 15th December 1922 to 30th November 19235
4 Postal StationeryAustraliaToddRaymondThe Postal Stationery of Paraguay 1881 - 19288
4 Postal StationeryBangladeshMunirM M SalmanPostal Stationery of Natal 1885 - 19125
4 Postal StationeryChinaLiFrank ZhifeiNew Zealand Postal Stationery 1876-19368
4 Postal StationeryChinese TaipeiHoMichaelKing Willem III Netherlands East Indies Postal Stationery 1874 - 19048
4 Postal StationeryChinese TaipeiHuangChen-HueiPostal Stationery of German Post Office in China8
4 Postal StationeryChinese TaipeiLiuLi-ChiDomestic Postal Stamped Envelopes of 2012 - 20165
4 Postal StationeryIndiaBiswalAvipsaPostal Stationery of "Gwalior State" (Twin Cobra Overprint & Snake Cancellations)5
4 Postal StationeryIndiaJhinganMadhukarThe Registered Envelopes of India 1950 - 20105
4 Postal StationeryIndiaShetPrashanthIndian Aerogrammes 1948-20105
4 Postal StationeryIndonesiaNoviandiGitaPostal Cards of Dutch East Indies 1874 - 19325
4 Postal StationeryKoreaBangSun HoLetter Sheets of Korea: 1952 - 20075
4 Postal StationeryMacauHuoHui XiaoMacau Postal Cards of Kings (1886 - 1920)8
4 Postal StationeryNepalTulsyanRishi KumarThe Postal Stationery of Nepal (1887 - 1959)8
4 Postal StationeryPakistanKodwavwalaMuhammad RizwanPostal Stationery of Pakistan 1947 - 1957 (Dominion to Islamic Republic of Pakistan)5
4 Postal StationerySingaporeSeowShin HorngPostal Stationery of the Federation of Malaya 1948 - 19635
4 Postal StationerySingaporeToeKyaw KyarBritish Burma Postal Stationeries 1857 - 19375
4 Postal StationerySri LankaRupesingheHarsha FerizThe Internal-rate Post Card of Ceylon 1872 - 19485
5 AerophilatelyAustraliaCollyerDavidImperial Connections 1925 Aerophilately - 1939 - The Story of Scheduled Services - Australia's Air Connection with the World.8
5 AerophilatelyAustraliaLewisGeoffreyPhilippines International Airmails up to 19418
5 AerophilatelyHong KongKeiKok YingThe International Airmails of PRC (1949 - 1956)8
5 AerophilatelyIndiaMurjaniSandeepAir India, from Roots to Routes5
5 AerophilatelyIndiaRosariaSunil MBritish- India Airmails (1911-1938)5
5 AerophilatelyIndiaTalwarAshishUnited States Air Force in India during World War II: Mail Operations and Airdropped Psychological Warfare5
5 AerophilatelyIraqAbdulwahabNaderThe Royal Air Force Desert and Air Service, IRAQ (1917 - 1927)5
5 AerophilatelyMacauFuSioMacau International Airmail 1926 - 19745
5 AerophilatelyNew ZealandDunsRobertAirmail to New Zealand on the Imperial Airways routes 1924-1945, and alternate services via USA 1940 - 1945.5
5 AerophilatelySri LankaRatnapalaRavindraCeylon - England Air Mail 1929-1948. Routes and Rates5
6 AstrophilatelyAustraliaNewtonRossOne Small Step For man5
6 AstrophilatelyIndiaJhinganSavitaFrom India to Space5
7A Thematic Philately - Nature THIndiaBajajSaketThe World of Flowers5
7A Thematic Philately - NatureIndiaMonteiroDanielWaterfowls - Birds of the Anatidae Family5
7A Thematic Philately - NatureIndonesiaPutrantoTono DwiJourney of an Old King from Serengeti8
7A Thematic Philately - NatureNepalTulsyanRajvirHimalayan Expedition 1924 - 19785
7B Thematic Philately - CultureChinaLiShaokeRoad: Ancient, Present and Future5
7B Thematic Philately - CultureChinaLinWenlongBlack and White - the Newspaper and Its Story8
7B Thematic Philately - CultureHong KongKeiKok YingShooting (From hunting to competitive games)5
7B Thematic Philately - CultureIndiaMadirajuLokeswara RaoBuddhism5
7B Thematic Philately - CultureIndiaMuthaMeenaMental Health5
7B Thematic Philately - CultureKoreaJungSoon JongHorses with Human Civilization8
7B Thematic Philately - CultureNepalShresthaBinodThe Buddha - Genius of the Ancient World5
7B Thematic Philately - CulturePakistanAdvaniZeeshanJourney of Summer Olympic Games (1894 - 1944)5
7C Thematic Philately - TechnologyChinaKongDongmingAn Electrifying Account of Electricity - The Exploration, Production and Application of Electricity by Man8
7C Thematic Philately - TechnologyIndiaShetRadhikaWorld of Railways5
7C Thematic Philately - TechnologyIndiaSridharKCandle on the Water5
7C Thematic Philately - TechnologyJapanEnosawaYuichiFollowing the tracks on city roads . . . Tram 8
9 RevenueAustraliaCulshawIanThe Fiscal Stamps of Western Australia 1881 - 19745
9 RevenueAustraliaDibiaseJohn FrancisThe Fiscal Stamps of Western Australia8
9 RevenueAustraliaShawJimNew Zealand Wage Tax Evolution 1931 - 19588
9 RevenueChinaWangDaoqiThe Republic of China Tobacco & Alcohol Revenue Stamps (1914-1948)5
9 RevenueIndiaBiswalBijoy KumarBharatpur State Court Fee and Revenue Stamps5
9 RevenueIndiaSuriAngeetFiscals of Jodhpur8
9 RevenueNepalPradhanShyamNepal Revenues 1743 - 19 Revenue438
9 RevenueNew ZealandWoodsPaulNew Zealand Queen Victoria Duty Stamps 1880 to 19317
9 RevenueNew ZealandWrightWarrickDeparture Taxes of New Zealand Airports 1971-20155
9 RevenueNew ZealandWrightWarrickRevenue Gathering Stamps of New Zealand5
10 Open PhilatelyIndiaManjureAshwiniThe Beauty of Dots, Dashes, and Lines as captured by Master Engraver Czeslaw Slania5
10 Open PhilatelyIndiaWadhwaCapt. VijayThe Coin Atlas5
10 Open PhilatelyKoreaLeeYoung SooThe Stories of Sculptors and Sculptures5
10 Open PhilatelyNew ZealandBrownieLouiseThe Kauri Tree5
10 Open PhilatelyNew ZealandBrownseyPatrickThe Fern - from cosmopolitan plant to New Zealand icon5
10 Open PhilatelyNew ZealandChristensenMichaelTin Can Mail Island5
10 Open PhilatelyNew ZealandPastonJohnThe Suez Canal8
11A Youth 10-15 YearsBangladeshZamanTahiya MehrimaWildlife of Bangladesh1
11A Youth 10-15 YearsHong KongChanKa WaiThe Secrets of the World2
11A Youth 10-15 YearsHong KongChanWing YiWalking through the history of Fashion: How does clothing change over time2
11A Youth 10-15 YearsHong KongCheungTsz SumThe Unique Building2
11A Youth 10-15 YearsHong KongYuenTsz ChingThe Age of Machinery2
11A Youth 10-15 YearsIndonesiaRahimaDinda AlishaThe Feather Friends3
11A Youth 10-15 YearsNew ZealandRoweEmmaDessert - A History of Temptation2
11A Youth 10-15 YearsNew ZealandRoweSamanthaChildren's Literature - A History3
11A Youth 10-15 YearsThailandRungruangsatianPhimchanokStory of Olympic Games3
11A Youth 10-15 YearsPakistanManzar SaeedSabaKLM Special and Direct Flights3
11A Youth 10-15 YearsIndonesiaZahraErina FirdausiPostal Stationery of Dutch East Indies Face of King Willem III3
11A Youth 10-15 YearsIndiaKediaAaditSeashells - The Beauty of Ocean3
11A Youth 10-15 YearsSri LankaGunaratneDulanya Nimnadi JayalathVisit Sri Lanka1
11A Youth 10-15 YearsKoreaKimSo YeonUS Army military Government definitive stamps 1945 - 19483
11B Youth 16-18 YearsHong KongLiWing KiIn Pursuit of Freedom2
11B Youth 16-18 YearsHong KongMakHau TungThe Story of Light2
11B Youth 16-18 YearsIndiaShetApekshaJewels and Jewellery4
11B Youth 16-18 YearsIndiaSinhaAyushmanMy Favourite Bird: Kingfisher4
11B Youth 16-18 YearsSri LankaWeerasinghePasindu SakunthaExploration of Space3
11B Youth 16-18 YearsIndonesiaFadliZara SaladinaThe Netherlands Indies Picture Postcard3
11B Youth 16-18 YearsNepalTulsyanKavyaPostal Stationery of Nepal4
11B Youth 16-18 YearsSri LankaJayathilakeArchana HansajaThe indelible Footprints of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on the British Monarchy2
11B Youth 16-18 YearsNepalShresthaReshuModern Varieties of Nepal4
11c Youth 19-21 YearsChinese TaipeiChenHankLighthouse Postage Stamps Issued by Taiwan R.O.C.3
11c Youth 19-21 YearsNew ZealandBrownTimothy WilliamSure and Stedfast. The Story of the Boys' Brigade3
11c Youth 19-21 YearsSingaporeHongJia YangMy Holiday in Singapore5
11c Youth 19-21 YearsSri LankaGunaratneApurwa Mandasmi JayalathRytham of Sports World3
12A One Frame - TraditionalAustraliaBestonBernard9d Commonwealth Stamp of Queensland and NSW1
12A One Frame - TraditionalAustraliaBestonBernardQuayle & Son, Engravers and Printers, Albany NY. USA - Ecuador 1936-1937 stamp issues1
12A One Frame - TraditionalAustraliaShawJimVictoria - ½ "Bantam" Stamps and Usages 1874 - 19121
12A One Frame - TraditionalAustraliaXavierPaul AnthonyFiji - King George VI - Omnibus Commemoratives1
12A One Frame - TraditionalBangladeshHaqueFarzanaHealth Issues of New Zealand Post 1929-19661
12A One Frame - TraditionalBangladeshMunirM M SalmanAustralian Pre Decimal Stamps Commemorative 1927-19651
12A One Frame - TraditionalHong KongWongSiu PoLiberated Area Issues of Anhui Province1
12A One Frame - TraditionalMacauChioHong ChiStudy of Stamp Flaws and Errors from the Founding Period of the Republic (1912 - 1914)1
12A One Frame - TraditionalNew ZealandClarkMurrayThe Threepence Second Side Face of New Zealand1
12A One Frame - TraditionalNew ZealandWatsonAlastairPenny-Halfpenny Black, King George V New Zealand 1916 - Bock's First Die: Provisional Stamp1
12A One Frame - TraditionalPakistanKhwajaKhalid SultanLatvia 1918 - 19291
12A One Frame - TraditionalSingaporeTanAndrewCommercial Uses of the Australian Pound-denominated Postage Stamps (sorry – not on parcel tags!)1
12A One Frame - TraditionalSouth AfricaCronjeNeilPostage Due Stamps of the Transvaal1
12A One Frame - TraditionalSouth AfricaStrydomDannaThe V.R.I. Overprints on Transvaal Postage Stamps1
12A One Frame - TraditionalThailandPanomrerngsakThawidaH.M King Bhumibol 10th Definitive Series 500 Baht Denomination1
12B One Frame - Postal HistoryChinaLiuShumoFrom Yunnan to Assam - APO of Allied Airport on Hump Route1
12B One Frame - Postal HistoryHong KongCheungAndrewSorting of Mail Onboard P&O Mail Boat in the Far East1
12B One Frame - Postal HistoryNew ZealandCarswellLindsayThe Early Post Offices of Lyttelton Harbour 1849 - 18841
12B One Frame - Postal HistorySouth AfricaErasmusLouwrenceSending Money Home - South Africa to Sekakes from January to September 19731
12C One Frame - Postal StationeryJapanSudaniNobuhiroSummer Greeting Postal Cards of Japan: 1950 - 19511
12C One Frame - Postal StationeryNew ZealandWatsonAlastairKing George V 1½d Lettercards - Bock Dies I & II, New Zealand 1916-19201
12F One Frame - ThematicsBangladeshSen GuptaSujoyA Glimpse of Scouting Activities in Bangladesh1
12H One Frame - RevenueNew ZealandBenvieMarkNew Zealand Law Courts Revenue Stamps 1876 - 18821
12H One Frame - RevenuePakistanAwanImtiaz AhmadState of Travancore1
12I One Frame - Open PhilatelyAustraliaGendekMarilynThe Scottish Women's Hospital Royaumont 1914 - 19181
12J One Frame - Picture PostcardsAustraliaFiggDavid JohnTed Ryko - Adelaide to Darwin by Bicycle1
12J One Frame - Picture PostcardsIndiaSalujaRajprit SinghParsis - The Zoroasthrians of India1
12J One Frame - Picture PostcardsIndiaTyagiPankajThe Story of a Lost Memorial of Cawnpore1
12J One Frame - Picture PostcardsSouth AfricaDu PlessisAndreThe life and Times of Chinese Indentured Workers on the Rand - 1904 to 19101
13A Modern - Traditional BangladeshZiaTanvir MursheedIntellectuals Martyrs Postage Stamp Series of Bangladesh 1991-20003
13A Modern - Traditional ChinaZhangWeiweiStamp Booklets of DPRK 1993-20005
13A Modern -TraditionalKoreaKimJinSooThe definitive postage stamps issued during the basic rate 330won period (Apr 1st 2017 ~ Apr 30th 2019)5
13A Modern - Traditional MacauDe SousaJoseThe Bridge of Lotus (1999 - 2000)5
13A Modern - Traditional New ZealandChiversStephenNew Zealand 1985-90 Janet Marshall Designed Endangered Birds5
13A Modern - Traditional New ZealandDizonNilo JrThe Hologram in Philately5
13A Modern - Traditional New ZealandWrightGrantFundraising CALS for Tarapex Exhibition 20084
13A Modern - Traditional ThailandLakornmoonNuttapolH.M. King Bhumibol 10th Definitive Series 1 Baht Denomination5
13A Modern - Traditional ThailandPanomrerngsakThaweesakH.M. King Bhumibol 10th Definitive Issue5
13B Modern - Postal HistoryKoreaKimJeongSigA Study on Modern Philately of Korea: Focus on Print, Perforation, and Covers5
13C - Modern Postal StationeryChinaGengChunfuThe first set of China Post Regular Stamped Postcard "Marble Boat"5
14 Picture PostcardsAustraliaKouwenJohn Michael (Mike)The Aboriginal People of Western Australia5
14 Picture PostcardsIndiaAsthanaAdityaSimla - The summer Capital of British India5
14 Picture PostcardsIndiaKasaravilliAnanyaKashmir Valley: The Paradise on Earth5
14 Picture PostcardsIndiaMehraSushilDelhi - A Heritage City5
14 Picture PostcardsIndiaSalujaRajprit SinghBrave Sikhs in the Armed Forces5
14 Picture PostcardsIndiaTyagiPankajLucknow Close to My Heart5
14 Picture PostcardsIndonesiaBasymelehSaid FaisalThe Pulse of Old Soerabaia Life 1898 - 19385
14 Picture PostcardsIndonesiaFadliShafa SabilaBali Paradise Picture Postcard in the Dutch East Indies5
14 Picture PostcardsNew ZealandRosenfeldtDeniseAuckland Domain, New Zealand5
14 Picture PostcardsNew ZealandSchwartzPaulineNew Zealand: "Central" - Otago's Heart of Gold5
14 Picture PostcardsSingaporeHsienYoong HowGreening Singapore - From Garden City to City in the Garden5