Regulations for NZ2023

NZ2023 will, subject to the FIP GREX, GREV and SREVs, be governed by the individual regulations  (IREX).

Entry and other forms

Form required for exihibitors can be found at Forms 

Competitive classes

Intending exhibitors MUST read Article 7 and 8 of the IREX for full details of classes.

All competitive entries must meet pre-qualifying standards.


Contact details for Commissioner will be found, once they are appointed, at Commissioners.  Exhibits, other than those from New Zealand, once accepted, must be delivered to NZ2023 by the country’s commissioner.


Exhibits will be judged using standard criteria by an internationally qualified team who will be described at Jury.


Once exhibits have been accepted by the organising committee (expected by 16 January 2023) full details by entrant, country, class, exhibit title and numbers of frames will be published in the exhibits area of this website.

As soon as possible after the awards are known the exhibits area of the website will be updated with the results for each exhibit and will provide information on entries which win the special prizes on offer.