Ground Floor – Dealers and Postal Administrations

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Stamps & Coins Business, New Zealand Post Limited

Responsible for design, marketing, production and distribution of postage stamps celebrating New Zealand’s taonga, culture, heritage, arts, stories and people.

Additionally they also produce postage stamps for Niue, Tokelau and the Ross Dependency.

Stand 1: Philasearch (Germany)
Philasearch offers dealers and well known auction houses a unique platform to sell stamps, postcards and other philatelic items worldwide through the internet.
Our search engine is able to find your wanted items using many different search criteria and, if you are a registered user, will notify you about all new arrivals, which match your search criteria.


Stand 2: Christoph Gäertner (Germany)
Holds international auctions up to four times a year and offer a range of services for auction consignments or outright purchase. They can carry out non-binding free appraisal of your collection and or entire estate.
They provide advice either for selling collections or for building exhibits or collections. Their website has worldwide offers at net prices with a long validity period.
Stand 3: Stanley Gibbons (UK)

Stand 4: Mowbray Collectables
Mowbray Collectables is New Zealand’s largest philatelic and numismatic auction house. Postal stamp auctions are held monthly, with sale catalogues mailed out to about 3,500 customers world-wide. Typically they hold major public auctions of stamps and coins/banknotes/medals twice each year, as well as an annual Direct Sale fixed price list of stamp items.

Stand 5: Ian Perry Stamps (UK)
Stand 6: Yvert et Tellier (France)
Yvert et Tellier is a dealer in postage stamps and numismatics with associated accessories and a philatelic publisher founded in 1896. Their stamp catalogue is a French reference and one of the international philatelic references alongside Stanley Gibbons, Michel and Scott.

Stand 7: Stamperija Philatelic Agencies (Lithuania)
Representation of postal administrations.
Philatelic marketing services.
Trade and production of postage stamps.
Stand 8: John Eccles Stamps Coins & Postcards
Stand 9: Japan Post/United Nations Postal Administration Agency

Japan Post Agency (Japan Philatelic Society)
Japanese new stamps, first day covers and postmark service.
Catalogue of Japanese stamps.

UN Postal Administration (Japan Philatelic Agency) provides commemorative and definitive stamps. event sheets, first day covers and will be providing a special NZ2020 exhibition postmark. Website

Stand 10: Pulsar Stamps & Collectables
Stand 10
Stand 11: John Mowbray International
The company’s mailing list now totals over 5,000 customers with more than 50% of these being resident in countries outside New Zealand. Widespread use of email and internet makes it easy to deal on a truly international basis with each customer, no matter where.
Attendance at international stamp and coin shows is important to the company’s continued long term growth. They are opportunities to increase their customer base, sell material and, just as importantly, source items for their postal auction sales.
Stand 12: Philatelic Distributors Ltd
New Zealand agent for Lighthouse, Hagner, Hawid and Stanley Gibbons. Stamp dealers.
Stand 13: Auckland City Stamps Ltd
Auckland City Stamps is a leading New Zealand dealer and auctioneer in the sale and purchase of stamps, postal history, postcards and philatelic literature by public auction, postal auction, direct sale, private treaty and outright purchase.
They make regular buying trips around New Zealand and can also make special trips to view large, unusual or estate lots.
Stand 14: Campbell Paterson
New Zealand stamp dealers and catalogue publishers Campbell Paterson specialise in obtaining the more scarce variations and interesting varieties and errors which arise from time to time in the modern stamps of any country.
Stand 15: David Feldman (Switzerland)
Stand 16: STAMPS4COLLECTORS (Australia)
From a few dollars to a few thousand, STAMPS4COLLECTORS supplies unusual, esoteric material from all over the world to collectors all over the world, via eBay, online store and at events such as NZ2020. New Zealand a specialty.
Stand 17: HW Wood Australia Pty Ltd
Global Insurance Brokers [AFS License #230009]

A member of the HW International Group

Stand 18: Abacus Auctions (Australia)
A Melbourne-based auction house offering their clients a wide variety of stamps, postal history, picture postcards, coins, banknotes, militaria, sporting memorabilia and associated collectables such as documents, maps and ephemera through regular Public Auctions.
Stand 19: NZ Philatelic Brokers Ltd
Specialises in New Zealand stamps and postal history plus destination mail from around the world. Also postcards, postmarks and other related items. Our website lists over 100,000 items at any time.
Stand 20 and 27: D Morrison Ltd (UK), Compustamp (USA) and Willard S. Allman

Specialising in British Commonwealth pre-1950 postal history, shipwreck covers, train crash mail and unusual postal Incidents (such as mail robberies).

CompuStamps has been in business since 1996 offering fine quality postal history items on their website and at 12 or more national and international stamp shows around the world every year.

Specialises in pre-1953, non-FDC postal history material stocking quality British Commonwealth – all areas except British North America.

Stand 21: Chunghwa Post

Stand 22: Bill Barrell Ltd & Chris Rainey (UK)
Stand 23: Shields Stamps and Coins (Australia)
Extensive stock of stamps, postal history, and world rarities, especially Australia, Australian States, New Zealand, New Guinea, Papua, Pacific, Great Britain, and British Empire. Thematics include Antarctic, birds, Scouts, Rotary, golf and much more.
Specialised Australia, Kangaroos, KGV, Pre-decimal and errors.

Stand 24: Spink & Son (UK)
Spink & Son Ltd was founded in London in 1666 and has since developed into a premier collectables auction house.

It specialises in the auctioning and private sales of stamps, coins, banknotes, medals, bonds, autographs, books and fine wines.


Stand 25: Alan S Craig

Specialist in New Zealand stock. Dealer in Classic stamps of the world.material
Stand 26: Macau Post and Telecommunications Bureau
Produces and sells philatelic products for Macau.

Stand 28: Pittwater Philatelic Service
Stamp dealers specialising in Australia, Australian States, New Zealand, Great Britain and British Commonwealth.
Stand 29: Australia Post (Australia)

Stand 30: New Zealand Philatelic Federation
Advances the interests of philatelists and postcard collectors and represents its member societies and clubs.


Stand 31: The Stamp Exchange
The Stamp Exchange is buyer and seller of stamps and collectables in the New Zealand marketplace. If you’re looking to sell your collection, or find something special to add to yours, The Stamp Exchange could be the right place.


Stand 32: Australian Philatelic Federation

Stand 33: Burstamp (Australia)
Burstamp supplies quality stamps of Australia and States, New Guinea, Papua and broadly from the British Commonwealth. They focus on early New Guinea and Papua and the difficult Australian Postage Due issues. They produce regular postal bid sales and participate in major stamp fairs around Australia.


Stand 34: Zirinsky Stamps (USA)
Specialises in stamps, revenues (including railway and parcel stamps), Cinderellas and postal history from Australia, New Zealand, Pacific (including US and French Territories), Caribbean, Africa, other British Empire/ Commonwealth Countries as well as German Colonies.

Stand 35: Classic Stamps Ltd
Specialists in New Zealand and Antarctic stamps and postal history.
Stand 36: William Carson
Worldwide with an emphasis on British Commonwealth – especially New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.
Stand 37: John & Jan Fitzpatrick
Postal history strong in New Zealand and Australasian area. New Zealand and Commonwealth stamps.
Stand 38: Ashford Stamps Ltd
New Zealand and Worldwide. Free postal auction catalogues and direct sale lists. Handle sales of large stamp collections and exhibits.
Stand 39: Southern Colour Print
Southern Colour Print, a New Zealand-based security printer, has a proud history of producing excellent quality printed prodcts. It is the only Australasian printer certified with ISO 14298, which is an internationally recognised security certification. The security system is independently audited to ensure clients’ work is secure at all times.


Stand 40: London Philatelists (UK)